We strive not to equal, but to excel.

Established June 1948 in Norfolk, Virginia | Annapolis Chapter Incorporated March 1968

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Delicados: A Chapter Organization in the Greater Annapolis Area

In an era of change and various social intricacies, the need for togetherness and belonging has never been more substantial. Annapolis Chapter Delicados, Inc., a leading chapter organization in the Greater Annapolis area, is devoted to addressing this need.

Recognizing the transformational power of unity and community involvement, we create spaces that encourage friendship, foster unity, and cultivate cultural, civic, and social growth in Annapolis and nationwide.

Delicados: A chapter Organization

Our Purpose

The purpose of Delicados, Incorporated is to promote unity and friendship among the chapters and to engage in civic, cultural, and social activities in the world community.

Tracing Our Roots

Our local Annapolis Chapter was founded on March 3, 1968, with a standout group of individuals at the helm, such as:

  • *Z. Mae Fenrick
  • Eleanor Harris
  • Peggy Diggs
  • *Bettilee Covert
  • *Hannah Chambers
  • Helen Chambers
  • *Jean Sparrow
  • Janice Brown
  • Elsie Brown

(Asterisks (*) denote deceased members.)

Taking inspiration from the National Delicados, Inc., founded in June 1948 in Norfolk, Virginia, we tap into its rich heritage to generate impactful actions in our community and beyond–morale strengthened and adopted by every chapter organization in the Greater Annapolis area.

National Delicados, Inc. Founding Members

*Geraldin Dodson Randle (Founder)
Barbara Green Bess
Evelyn White Brissette
Vivian Brown West
*Juanita Newsome Whitehurst

(Asterisks (*) denote deceased members.)

Organization Colors

  • Pink & Black

Official Flower

  • Pink Rose

The Invigorating Power of Community

Tap into the spirit of unity and friendship that Annapolis Chapter Delicados, Inc. embodies. Rooted in the Greater Annapolis area, we bear the torch of service to communities nationwide, animating the world around us by amplifying the power of unity and mutual respect.

Experience the transformative power of unity with Annapolis Chapter Delicados, Inc. We offer an environment where every individual and chapter organization in the Greater Annapolis area can contribute to a grander vision–a vision of togetherness, mutual respect, and shared progress. Connect with us if you have questions.

Delicados: A chapter Organization

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